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EDU 6607 Definition of Requirements

1. One-page reaction papers to online articles/website reviews

     Each weekend of the course you will be exposed to information regarding the integration of technology into the curriculum.  Much of this information will be web-based.  You will be assigned to spend time with the web sites on which the information is found.  The information I will expose you to on the web is much richer in my opinion than what you will find in any textbook alone.  You will be asked to submit a one-page reaction to the information presented on the web.  There will be three of these one-page reaction papers.  So by the end of the term you will have in essence written a short composition on the integration of technology.
     The one-page reaction paper should be more than just a summary of what is on the web site.  It should be your reaction to the information on the web site.  I want you to think critically about the information you have been exposed to.  Ask questions such as: "What is the point the resource is making?"  "How can this information help me in the classroom?" "Do I agree with this information?" "What other questions come to mind as you read this information."  Don't just tell me what was on the web site.  I have already seen it.  But give me your reaction to the information on the web site.
     These one-page reaction papers should be submitted each weekend to the instructor.  You may do this via email at  In the email please indicate your name and the website address.

15 Points

2. Research Paper/Case Study

Paper should be completed in APA style.  (See tutorials on APA at for more information).  Identify a specific topic dealing with technology and training/education. Be sure to include an Executive Summary that states the purpose of the research as a preface to the paper. 

25 Points

3. Individual Project

     Each student will create a multi-media instructional session.  This will be a complete instructional lesson that you can actually use in your classroom. There will be three parts of the multi-media instructional session that will be required: each student must develop a guided tour, a scavenger hunt, and a WebQuest that is to be part of your lesson. You may pick any topic for any grade level you desire.  However, the information must be developmentally appropriate for that grade level.  The project must be a multi-media product.  By multi-media I mean that more than one type of technology must be integrated into the teaching of the lesson.  Technologies that you may choose to use include but are not limited to: Internet, PowerPoint, Video Tape, Audio Tape, and/or CD/DVD based software. For example, you may choose to teach a lesson on the planets.  You may introduce students to the planets using a guided tour activity. You can assign the students to search specific websites to discover information about the planets (scavenger hunt), you may produce a PowerPoint presentation about the planets, you may show a video tape about the planets, and you may allow the students to interview appropriate persons about the planets using an audio tape recorder.  Get the idea?  You need to use more than one technology and it must be developed into a cohesive, complete lesson plan.  Obviously you will not be teaching the lesson since there is not enough time but you will showcase the lesson in the final session of the class.  You will submit to me a complete lesson plan with details about how each technology item will be incorporated into the lesson.  The lesson plan should include all web links that will be used. Be aware that special needs are always present in a group of students and be sure these needs are addressed in your lesson.

The WebQuest, Guided Tour, and Scavenger Hunt must be age, grade, level, and content appropriate to the lesson that you develop. The Scavenger Hunt, Guided Tour, and WebQuest should be linked from a page that you create to focus on the lesson.  All elements of the lesson must be included with the final product.  (i.e. a copy of the PowerPoint, the web page with links to the Guided Tour, Scavenger Hunt, WebQuest, the video tape, audio tape, etc.)

35 Points

4. Final Exam

The final exam will be administered during the last class session and will require you to create web-based content on a topic to the given on exam day.

25 Points