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Databases for Instruction

Course Syllabus


1)     Introduction (1/2 hour)

a)     Course objectives and Virginia Standards of Learning

b)     Software terminology/Hardware terminology

c)      Examples of Databases

2)     Introduction to Databases (3 hours)

a)     Definition—What is a Database?

b)     The software window—menu bars and tool bars

c)    Creating a New Database
   i)       Saving, viewing, and printing
   ii)      Creating and saving a table
         (1)  Design view
         (2)  Datasheet View
   iii)     Creating a form
   iv)     Entering data
   v)      Printing a table
   vi)    Setting a Primary Key

3)     Modifying a Database (3 hours)
a)     Filter
        i)        Sort Records
        ii)      Find Records
b)     Query a Database
        i)        Query vs. Filter
        ii)      Query a Relational Database

4)     Reports (1 hour)

a)     Creating with Wizard

b)     Design View

5)     Field Types (1 hour)

a)     Calculation fields

b)     Radio Buttons

c)      Check boxes

d)     Number fields

e)     Others

6)     Expanding a Database (1 hour)

a)     Cut, Copy, Paste

b)     Inserting and deleting

7)     Printing large Databases (1 hour)

8)     Integrating Databases into other applications (1/2 hour)
a)     Working with multiple files
b)     Copying data between files
c)      Copying text between word documents and databases

9)     Classroom Activities (2 hours)
a)     Creation of databases for use in specific classroom applications
b)     Discussion of ideas for introduction of database creation to students

10) Development of Student Activities (2 hours)
a)     Designing lesson plans that incorporation databases into instruction

Final Activity—Lesson Plan

Final Hands-on activity—last thirty minutes of class.  Test is hands-on and will require demonstration of skills learned in the course.

***This class meets some of the requirements for the Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel.  Any class that addresses these standards must include a concluding activity where the individual must demonstrate the skills taught in the class.

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