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Sparks Fly
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Creating World Wide Web Pages


Basic Ingredients

          Notepad or WordPad



          Follow the example

          Write the web page in Notepad

          Save the filein Notepad as an .htm file

          Go to Netscape and open the file

          View your ready made web page



          HTML—Hypertext Markup Language

                    Directives placed in the WWW document

          Directives are enclosed in brackets

          Directives affect the text between them

                    < begins a directive

                    </ ends or closes a directive



          These are the eight most commonly used directives

                    “Title” gives the window title

                    “H#” formats a header in large bold type

                    “B” formats boldface type

                    “I” formats italics

                    “P” designates the start of a new paragraph

                    “HR” places a line across a page

                    “A” creates a link to another page

                    “IMG” points at a picture to be placed on the page


Let’s Get Started


          <TITLE>Creating World Wide Web Pages<?TITLE>

          <H1>Pretty Large Type</H1>

          <H2>A Little Smaller</H2>


There is some <b>bold lettering</b> and some <I> italic lettering </I> in this paragraph. <p>

You can format a page

          Any way your heart desires

                              But it still will always fill the length of the page

When you see it displayed.<p>

An “anchor” is a reference to another page or to a picture.  To place an anchor in your document, you use the “a” directive. <p>  The anchor can be


<a href=>Sparks Fly homepage</a> or it can be any other page on the Internet


This is a horizontal rule. <p>

<li><a href=>The Discovery Channel On Line</a>with all tonight’s programming.


<li><a href=>for a look at the Chesapeake Public Schools Homepage</a>


This is a graphic from Animation Factory


<img scr=”appleabg.gif”>




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