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Creating Cards using Microsoft Word

You don't have to purchase the expensive card creating programs when office will do the job for you.

For directions for creating and printing a half fold card:

Creating Greeting Cards Using Microsoft Word

For directions for creating and printing a quarter fold card:

Make Your Own Card and Envelope

Ideas for Card Projects

Greeting Card Phrases


Card Projects--links to templates and designs for specific card holidays and occasions

Elements for the cards


Fonts for Macintosh



Here is what your final page would look like in Word.  You will have to rotate your picture. Once you insert it, select it then cut it.  Open Microsoft Photo Editor.  Paste your graphic and rotate it in Photo Editor.  When it is upside-down save it and insert it once again in the flipped format.

Here are directions for Apple Works

    Manipulating Graphics in Apple Works


This page was updated on:  04/10/02