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Create a Web Page with Word

Word can be your HTML editor.  The Word Web Page Wizard can help you to create the Web page of your dreams.  With the Web Page Wizard you can quickly create different kinds of Web pages in a variety of styles.  

Start by clicking on New from the File menu.  On the Web Page tab, double-click Web Page Wizard.  Click on what best suits the content of the Web page that you are developing.  After selecting the type, click on Next and select the style that you want.  After you click the finish button, the wizard will design the Web page for you.  All you have to do is add your content.    You will see suggestions for adding art and jumps to other Web pages.  Click the sample text to select it and then type your own information.

If you want to create a web page from scratch, select the Blank Web Page template.  Create your page by using the commands from the menus and toolbars.  To create a web page from an existing word document simply open the document you want to convert and click Save As HTML from the File menu. 

You will notice that the toolbars and menus change when you are working on a web page because HTML does not support all the features that Word does. 

Web page preview  Form design  Insert table        Show/Hide

Insert Hyperlink         Insert Picture    Document Map   Zoom

         Web Toolbar      Tables & borders       

If you want to further customize your web page, Word offers some special tools to work with on the Web pages.

When working on the Web pages, new formatting tools such as the Increase and Decrease Font Size buttons appear on the toolbar.  You will also see new menu commands for lines on the Insert menu that make it easy to add interesting visual effects to your web page.

                 Font size features

Back             Refresh         Search          Go (History)

Forward        Stop             Home            Favorites (Bookmarks)

The Web toolbar acts much like your favorite browser’s toolbar.  Favorites is like bookmarks and Go is your history of where you have been in this session of internet use.  

Now that you have developed your home page, procedures for publishing it on the Web depend on your service provider.  Contact your service provider to determine the method of publishing web pages.

Guidelines for Adding Items to your Web Page



Toolbar Button

Add a picture  Click Insert Picture button and  Select the picture you want to Insert
Add a Hyperlink     Click the Insert Hyperlink button and insert info in the Link to file or URL box
Add an arty horizontal line Click horizontal line from the Insert menu then click the line style you want  
Add Picture Bullets Select the text you want to apply bullets to, click the Bullets and Numbering (Format menu) then click the picture bullet you want  
Add background color Click background from Format menu and click the color you want  
Add scrolling text Click Scrolling Text from Format menu.  One the Scrolling Text Options tab, type the text you want and set the options you want such as scrolling directions and background color.  
Add a table Click Tables and Borders button.  Draw Table button will be active so that you can click and drag to create the size table you want.  The gridlines you see will not be displayed when your page is opened by a browser.  
Add a video Click Video from the Insert menu.  In the Video source box click Browse to search for the file you want or type the address of the video file.   
Add a background sound Click background sound from the Insert menu.  Click Properties and then type the address of the sound file or click Browse to search for the file you want.  
This page was updated on:  04/10/02