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Sparks Fly
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Computer Assisted Instruction

Method Description Role of Teacher Role of Computer Role of Student
Drill & Practice Content already taught; reviews basic facts & terminology; variety of question formats; repeat as needed Arranges for prior instruction; selects materials; matches drill to student; checks progress Asks questions; evaluates student response; provides feedback; records student progress Provides feedback; practices content; responds to questions; receives confirmation or correction; chooses content and difficulty level
Tutorial Presentation of new information; teaches concepts and principles; provides remedial instruction Selects material; adapts instruction; monitors Presents information; asks questions; monitors responses; provides remedial feedback; summarizes key points; keeps records Interacts with computer; sees results; answers questions; asks questions
Gaming Competitive; Drill-and-practice in motivational format; individual or small group Sets limits; directs process; monitors results Acts as competitor, judge, and scorekeeper Learns facts, strategies, skills; evaluates choices; competes with computer
Simulation Approximates real-life situations; based on realistic models; individual or small group Introduces subject; presents background; guides debriefing Plays role(s); delivers results of decisions; maintains the model and its database Practices decision making; makes choices; receives results; evaluates decisions
Discovery Inquiry into database; inductive approach; trial and error; tests hypotheses Presents basic problem; monitors student progress Presents student with source of information; stores data; permits search procedures Makes hypotheses; tests guesses; develops principles or rules
Problem Solving Defines problem; states hypothesis; examines data; Generates solution Assigns problems; assists students; checks results Present problem; manipulates data; maintains database Defines the problem; sets up the solution; manipulates variables; conducts trail and error
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