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Comparing Theoretical Perspectives of Learning

  Behaviorist Perspective Information Processing Perspective Constructivist Perspective
What is learning? A change in the probability of behavior occurring A change in knowledge stored in memory A change in meaning constructed from experience
What is the process? Antecedent-behavior- consequence Attention-encoding- retrieval of information from memory Repeated group dialogue and collaborative problem solving
What is the teacher's primary role? Arrange external factors and present data to be learned Arrange conditions that support the memory process Model and guide
What can the teacher do to carry out that role?
  • State objectives
  • Guide student behavior
  • Arrange reinforcement and consequences
  • Organize new information
  • Link new information to existing knowledge
  • Use a variety of retrieval and attention aids
  • Provide opportunities to solve realistic and meaningful problems
  • Provide group learning activities
  • Model and guide the process of constructing knowledge
What is the student's responsibility? Respond Actively synthesize information Explore like a scientist--control own learning

Source:  Newby, Timothy et al.  Instructional Technology for Teaching and Learning.  Merrill:  Columbus, Ohio, 2000, p. 98-99.

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