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ClipArt in Microsoft Office


Using Pictures

·       Adding pictures to a doc

·       Insert/Picture/From File

·       MSOffice/Clipart open folder called Popular

·       Preview button clicked

·       Insert picture

·       Pictures are visible in page layout or online layout only

·       Choose ClipArt and clipart gallery opens

·       Contains clipart, pictures, sounds

·       From file allows selection of any picture on hard disk

·       WordArt allows creation of variety of differently shaped text objects

·       AutoShapes allows menu of related shapes click and have good time

·       From Scanner allows insertion of scanned image

·       Chart launches MS Graph to create an imbedded chart

·       Graphics formats

·       Word can read the following formats

·       TIF

·       PCX

·       BMP

·       GIF

·       JPG

·       EPS

·       WMF

·       Moving and sizing pictures

·       Click on picture to get handles and picture toolbar

·       Click text wrapping button and select tight

·       Text will be aligned around picture

·       Click corner and drag to resize proportionally

·       Click center (middle) handles to size wider or taller

·       Format/Picture  or right click the picture--gets dialog that lets you size with percentage precisely

·       Cursor on picture get 4 sided arrow drag and drop to move to new location

·       Delete—activate (get handles) picture press delete key

·       Drawing toolbar


Other Graphic Objects

·       AutoShapes

·       Insert/Picture/AutoShapes

·       Click button and choose a shape

·       Pointer changes to narrow cross

·       Click where want the shape to go and drag to size the shape

·       Watch it appear

·       When shape appears right click produces a shortcut menu select Add text get insertion point so you can write inside shape

·       Shift key down while drawing word will preserve a regular shape.  Makes circles, squares, and straight lines easier



·       Insert/Picture/Word Art

·       Word Art Gallery opens—select the style

·       Dialog box—type in your text idea

·       OK


Text Boxes

·       Insert/Text box

·       Thin cross locate and drag to get box

·       Click on box and insertion point moves inside

·       Other text does not move until use word wrap from Format Textbox



·       Insert/Picture/Chart

·       MS Graph starts with datasheet window

·       Enter data and chart appears


Graphic Objects

·       Editing files

·       Place picture in doc

·       Drawing and Edit Picture toolbars appear when picture is active

·       Adding text to picture

·       Type then order the text

·       Borders

·       Format/Borders and Shading

·       Colors and lines

·       Get a border around picture

·       Edit pictures

·       Vector graphics

·       Select parts of picture with mouse

·       When selected part is marked with handles can change color, line thickness, etc

·       If want to select several parts at once, hold down shift key while select rest

·       Drawing toolbar has select objects tool that when active allows you to select objects by dragging a frame around them

·       Editing bitmaps—photographs

·       Picture toolbar contains Set Transparent Color allows you to make one of the colors in a bitmap transparent

·       Photo Editor (comes on Office97 CD) not installed automatically lets you edit pictures

·       Cropping pictures

·       Crop from Picture toolbar

·       Place on middle handles

·       Drag and drop to get part you want

·       To create more empty space around picture

·       Hold down shift key and drag sizing handle away form picture

·       To restore to original size select picture

·       Right click

·       Choose Format Picture command

·       Reset, OK


Creating Your Own Drawings

·       Drawing toolbar

·       Rectangle button and draw a rectangle

·       Draw what you want


Page borders

·       Format/Borders and Shading

·       Page Border

·       Select style you want (Art list contains borders made up of small pictures)

·       If doing presentation and want on every page  Apply to—Whole doc


This page was updated on:  04/10/02