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China and Egypt

Many information sources for China and Egypt are now available on line. This is a sampler of some of the most useful web sites sponsored by universities, research centers, non-profits, governments, and news organizations. Useful commercial sites are accessible through some of the gateways in this list.  Inclusion of a link on this page does not imply endorsement of the views or information presented.  The links are active as of January 2000.  This researcher did not check links off the main sites.


History of Ancient Egypt

Africa: Art of a Continent--Egypt


The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Seven Wonders Virtual tour

The Nile

Howard Carter and King Tut

Egyptian Mummification

The British Museum Ancient Egypt

The Metropolitan Museum Egyptian Art in the Age of the Pyramids

Guardian's Egypt

The Rosetta Stone

Mummy Mask Making (Rose Hill Primary School)

Images of Egypt

Mysteries of Egypt Canadian Museum of Civilization

Mysteries of the Nile PBS

Pyramids:  Construction and Design

Mystery of the Great Pyramid


Tour Ancient Egypt

The Ancient Egypt Site--History of Egypt

Theban Mapping Project



The Chinese Zodiac (Lunar Calendar)

Beijing Museum of Chinese Architectures

Coins of Ancient China

World Art Treasures:  Art of China

Chinese Culture

Chinese Timeline and Maps from Ancient to the Present

The Art of China

Chinese Dynasties

Ancient China Homepage

History of Ancient China

Chinese Art


Daily Life in Ancient China

Stories of Ancient China

Chinese History

Handouts on Ancient China

The Silk Road

Dynastic Chronology




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