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Check Lists to Fine Tune Your Publication

Now that you have finished, you need some pointers on how to be sure your publication is the best it can be.

Checklist for Consistency

q      All text is consistent in fonts, alignment, and spacing.

q      Headings

q      Subheadings

q      Body text

q      Captions

q      The positioning of repeated elements is consistent.

q      Page numbers

q      Running heads

q      Titles

q      Hyperlinks

q      The style used follows a consistent scheme.

q      Drop caps

q      Captions

q      Callouts

q      Space between pictures and captions

q      Color has been applies consistently throughout the publication

q      Color for headings

q      Color for captions

q      Hyperlinks

q      One space not two follows the punctuation at the end of a sentence.


q      Wording, punctuation, and headings in publication match those in the table of contents.

q      Page numbers in the table of contents corresponds with the location of the headings in the publication

q      Hyperlinks go to the correct locations.

q      Page numbers are sequential and none are missing.

q      Dates, times, addresses and directions are correct.

q      Hyphens used for word breaks occur at the end of lines.

q      The spelling of all text is correct, including headings. 

q      Punctuation is correct. 


q      Graphics are placed in clear proximity to the related text.

q      Hyperlinks are logically organized and clearly displayed.

q      At least two lines of numbered or bulleted items in a list stay together if a page or column break occurs within the list.

q      No widows or orphans are floating above or hanging from a paragraph.

q      Headlines that run to two lines break at natural pauses for visual balance, and the second line is longer if possible.

q      Page and column breaks occur in the right places.  Check this last.  The smallest change can cause a ripple effect and change the total look of the publication.


Microsoft Publisher 98 Companion.  Microsoft Corporation.  1998.


This page was updated on:  04/10/02