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Role Changes in the Learner-Centered Environment


A Shift from: A Shift to:
Always viewed as the content expert and source for all answers Participating at times as one who may not know it all but desires to learn
Being viewed as the primary source of information who continually directs students Being viewed as a support, collaborator, and coach for students as they learn
Always asking the questions and controling the focus Actively coaching students to develop and pose their own questions
Directing students through preset step-by-step exercises that general similar conclusions/answers Encouraging individuals to use personal knowledge and skills to create unique solutions to problems


A Shift from: A Shift to:
Passively waiting for the teacher to give directions and information Actively searching for needed information and learning experiences
Always being in the role of learner Participating at times as the expert
Always following procedures Exploring, discovering, creating unique solutions to learning problems
Viewing the teacher as the one who has all the answers Viewing the teacher as a resource, model, helper
Receiving information Responsibility for own learning

Source:  Newby, Timothy et al.  Instructional Technology for Teaching and Learning.  Merrill:  Columbus, Ohio, 2000, p. 98-99.

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