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The Brain and Learning

The decade of the 90s proved very informative on how our brain works.  The MRI has allowed a view of the brain and how it operates as it learns, thinks, moves.  So much more is now known about the operating brain and how control is managed.  The following sites offer insight into the brain and how we learn.

Memorization: How We Remember
Site Location:

This site is fantastic for people of all ages.   It gives many memory techniques which can be used to conquer any skill.  Full of study tips for the students who is having a difficult time memorizing things.  Different learning styles taken into consideration!

Memory Techniques and Mnemonics
Site Location:

Gives definitions on the different memory and learning techniques. Gives example of memory gaining techniques. 
Explains the way the brain processes information. Clarifies the importance of learning styles and mnemonics (a great site for those interested in Gardner's' Intelligences)  Tells how to incorporate learning and memory techniques into the classroom.

Brain Dancing Exercise for Students
Site Location:

This is a fun site that teaches its viewer practical ways to improve his or her memory. The site specializes in long term memory and tactics one can use to transfer knowledge into memory more quickly. 

MIDAS: The Multiple Intelligences
Site Location:

At this link, learn about the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Your goal is to choose which Intelligence(s) best describe how you are smart. Use a separate sheet of paper to list and explain why you chose the intelligences.

Assessing Your Learning Style: An inventory of multiple intelligences
Site Location:

Complete this inventory by answering ALL questions. When you are finished, graph the results using an Excel spreadsheet.

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