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Ways the Internet can benefit you.

  • Go directly to the best source.
  • Explore the ideas of others.
  • Locate and retrieve timely information as needed.
  • Publish works immediately.
  • Add a variety of instructional strategies.
  • Find tons of instructional materials for your classroom.
  • Convert your classroom into an information resource center.
  • Access multimedia sources which would otherwise be unavailable.
  • Experience success in learning to do research.
  • Access real-world data and information.
  • Encourage collaborative learning.
  • Enhance communication opportunities.



Increases communication Increase global awareness, more sharing of ideas, better communication with both parents and students
Richer information sources Access to more current information, from a greater number of sources; ability to quickly and efficiently collect and compare information from multiple sources
Less isolation in the classroom Access to people, places, and things that in the past was inaccessible
Opportunity to collaborate Two-way medium that makes collaboration simpler, faster, and more fun
Offers students workplace skills Builds skills useful in the workplace of today and tomorrow
Changes teaching and learning Helps educators, students, administrators, and everyone else review their role in light of the other benefits mentioned and offers everyone the opportunity for a high-interest, high-content learning environment 

Source:  Williams, Bard.  The Internet for Teachers.  IDG Books: New York, 1999.

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