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History of Word Processing

    1964 term word processor was invented by IBM as a way to market the Selectric typewriter which records work on a magnetic tape

       Revisions became easier without having to retype the whole document

       Wang introduced the magnetic diskette for storage and the display screen

       1st word processor application for PC was Easy-Writer by John Draper for the Apple II in the late 70s

       1981 IBM PC introduced and version of EasyWriter was written for it as well

       Another word processor introduced in 1982 WordStar by Rob Barnaby and Seymour Rubenstein

       The word processor became obsolete but the name hung on for the software application

       Word Processor

       Computer application that is used to produce easy to read, professional documents.  Powerful tool that make changes to and modifications of the look of the document easy (editing and formatting)

       Allows easy refining of a document


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