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for Basic Word Processing 

  • Introduction (1/2 hour)

    Course objectives and Virginia Standards of Learning

    Software terminology/Hardware terminology

    Discussion and review of equipment


  • Entering/Editing Text (3 hours)


    Cut, Copy, paste (Clipboard)

    File:  Open, Save, Print

    Text Style:  Size, Font, Style (Bold, Italic,etc.) Alignment, Line Spacing

    Spell Check and Thesaurus


  • Formatting Text (1 hours)

    Format Document



    Headers, Footers


  • Advanced Features (1 hour)



    Bullets, Checklists


  • Graphic elements (3 hours)

    Inserting Graphics

    Drawing Lines

    Boxes and graphics or text

    Line and fill options



  • Using the Scanner (1 hour)

    Scanning graphics

    Scanning text


  • Using graphic sources (2 hours)

    Digital Camera, quick cam or other video source

    Graphic collections

    Photo CD

  • Development of Student Activities (3 hours)

    Designing lesson plans that incorporate word processing

Final Activity—Lesson Plan (due one week after the class ends)

Final Hands-on activity—last thirty minutes of class.  Assessment is hands-on and will require demonstration of skills learned in the course.

 ***This class meets some of the requirements for the Technology Standards for Instructional Personnel.   

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