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Word Window

Title bar
Menu bar Cursor
Tool bars
Work area
Status bar Assistant

Title bar—displays the name of the document

Menu bar—pull-down menus which contain commands

Tool bars—shortcuts for commonly used menu commands

Status bar—info about document

Work area—place where text is entered and edited

Assistant—animated character that supplies helpful tips and answers questions by referring you to the help section appropriate to your question

§       Menus

§       Pointing to a command on the menu bar highlights it

§       Clicking on the command executes it

§       Clicking outside the menu or pressing the Escape key removes the menu form the screen

§       Commands with (…) ellipsis after them indicate another dialog box will appear asking for more info

§       When commands appear in dim text they are not available

§       Commands can also be selected using the keyboard

§       One letter in each of the menu names is underlined

§      Holding the Alt key while pressing the letter displays the menu (ALT + F)

§       Each command in the menu has an underlined letter

§      Pressing the letter executes the command (ALT + F S)


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