Use the Office Web Page Wizard

1)    Go to: START/New Office Document

2)    Find the “Web Pages” tab in the window that opens.  You may need to click on the “More…” tab and scroll down to the Web Pages folder (Open that one if you need to.)

3)    Choose the “Web Page Wizard” and open it. (Word Opens)

4)    The Wizard asks you to choose a type of page.  For now click on “Personal Home Page” and then click on “Next”.

5)    The Wizard asks you to select a style.  Try each until you find one you like and then click on “Finish”.

6)    Before you edit the page, please save it to a new folder on your desktop (name the folder “Web page” and name the file “index”).

7)    Now edit the page.

a.    For now, leave all the blue links under “Contents” and the “Back to top” links in each section alone.

b.    Change the Heading and Subheading and then scroll down and add whatever information you like.

c.    When you get to the “Hot List” and the “Electronic mail address” I’ll show you how to insert them and make them active.

8)    You can check how your page will look on the Web at any point by using the “Web Page Preview” selection under the File Menu.