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Web Projects

What is it?

Your final project is a web unit that combines at least three elements we have studied: guided tour, scavenger hunt, and web quest.  These elements are combined to produce your web project.  Your unit will be completed in HTML and is presented ready for publication to the web.  To assist you in getting a feel for what it might look like, parts of a web project are linked below. The various elements that you will include in your web project are showcased from a variety of sources including a series of courses offered at the University of Richmond.  Note that the age of the students who will be using your unit will have a great impact on what your unit will look like.  Web Quests for very young children are very restricted in searching and Internet freedom.  Be sure that you take that into consideration.  Your project will have a general theme around which all the educational experiences will be focused.

Guided Tours/Samplers

Scavenger Hunts/Treasure Hunts


Web Units

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