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Web Sites of Interest

United State History

Vincent Voice Library (sound bytes of the Presidents and famous people of the last 100 years, housed at Michigan State University)

National Archives (On line exhibit hall)

Native American Indian Art (exhibits and information)

Civil War (letters from an Iowa Soldier)

American Memory (Library of Congress special project)

Civil War (in Virginia and Pennsylvania)

Viral Library of History (University of Kansas)

Colonial Williamsburg 

Inaugural Addresses of all the Presidents 

Anne Frank Site

Martin Luther King and Civil Rights (Seattle Times published study guide for teachers and students)

The Valley of the Shadow (Civil War)

Exploring the West from Monticello

National Archives and Records

Celtic Heart

Anthropology in the News

Archaeology Magazine

Cheto Ketl Great Kiva


The Minimum Wage

Thomas (Congress)

The White House

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Courts

State and Local Governments

U.S. State Department

Red Cross

Republican Party

Lonely Planet 

African Studies

World Surfari

Culture Quest

Learning about the Holocaust

War Times Journal

Russia Today

The History Place 

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