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Teacher Resources

Social Studies Sites

q       History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers

q       S.C.O.R.E. History/Social Science

q       Social Studies Lesson Plans and Resources

Great Sites for Kids

W E B S I T E S :

HyperHistory Online—Over 1,400 Files Covering 3,000 Years of World History:

American History Archive Explorer:

Seeds of Change—Where Do Food Crops Originate?:

Explorations in Economic Demand:

Romantic Chronology—Web Chronologies and Timelines:

One Stop Ancient/Classical History:

AlternaTime—Timelines on the Web:

Active Learning on the Web

Using the Internet (Chicago Public Schools)

Online bookmarks

Ask Jeeves for Kids

Kids Search Tools for the Internet

Egypt Scavenger Hunt

White House Page

Brain Pop

Internet Detective

Scavenger Hunts

Safe Surfing on the Internet

Life of an Immigrant Web Quest

Nuremberg Laws WebQuest

Student Generated Web quests

Tammy’s Technology Tips for Teachers