Web Sites of Interest

Teacher Resources

Australian Teacher Network (Staff Development courses online

Reinventing the Schools (thoughts on the integration of technology and the changes that must occur)

Virtual Reference Librarian (Ask Scott for help on the internet)

Computer Curriculum Corp. Network (K-8 educators site--lesson plans and ideas)

Education Place (education resource site maintained by Houghton Mifflin)

Roadmap 96 (27 lessons to train you on the Internet)

Web 66 (project of University of Minnesota--teach the Internet to teachers)

Teachers Helping Teachers (constantly changing site of lessons, ideas, help with teaching issues)

Georgia Institute of Technology Teacher K-12 site (Busy Teacher Clearinghouse of materials)

Child Safety on the Information Highway (issues, ideas for safety, Safety slide show)

Education Links K-12 (Iris Community of Educators maintains this site of links)

Global School Net (links students around the world--offers projects on the Internet)

Teacher Ideas/Resources (Teachnet.com, Teacher-2-Teacher)

Kids Web Resource Library

Kids on the Web (elementary aged children site but has links for K-12 and teachers)

Internet Schoolhouse  (resource for teachers)

Newsletter for Teachers (ideas, issues, links)

Teachers Helping Teachers (page maintained by teachers on the Pacific Coast, lessons, ideas, exchanges)

Classroom Connect Website (lessons, links, ideas, excellent site)

Online Dictionary of Computing

Information Technology Journal    (issues, concerns)

Standards of Learning for Virginia

Education Index

SIRS site of links to teacher and student resources

Integrating Technology (tips and ideas for Denver Public Schools)

Technology Horizons in Education  (journal)

EdLines  (teacher resource links)


Technology in the classroom

Knowledge Integration Environment

Commonwealth of Knowledge site

The Chalkboard (grants, scholarships, curriculum)

Funbrain  (elementary content--all content areas)

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