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Primary Sources


American Revolution

Declaration of Independence:

The Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson and adopted after amendment by the Second Continental Congress on July 4, 1776.

Articles of Confederation:

These articles establishing a confederation of the states (formerly colonies) were adopted by the Second Continental Congress on June 21, 1781.

Battle of Trenton: from

Battle of Princeton:

In this letter Washington describes the period after Trenton and the taking of Princeton.

Web Sites for Primary Sources:

Animation of the Revolutionary War: Timeline of the period: Essays on the war:

Aspects of this period:

Chronology of the war:

Biography of George Washington:

Essential information on Washington:

Presidential papers:

Biography of John Adams: http://

Essential information on John Adams:

Biography of Thomas Jefferson:

Essential information on Jefferson:

Basic writings:

Autobiography: "

Essential information on Madison:

Autobiography (1706-1757):

Benjamin Franklin: A Documentary History: http://

Biography of Samual Adams:


Thomas Paine's Writings:

Biography of Alexander Hamilton:

Black Loyalists:

Revolutionary Period:


Westward Expansion

The Texas Revolution: 

The Texas Revolution:

Dissident voices: 

Dissident voices:

Peace Treaty:

Military Maps of Mexican War:

Historical Maps of the Americas: http://www.

Alamo--Brief History:


San Jacinto: http://www

Companion to PBS documentary:

War from Mexican View:

James K. Polk:

Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna:

Winfield Scott:

Resources on Mexico:

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Aztec Bookstore:

History of South American Nations: http://

Expansion west period:

Expansion west period:


The Age of Imperialism

Imperialism 101:

Maps of World Imperialism:

Imperialist Links:


World War I

War Message to Congress:

Fourteen Points:

War Documents:

Final peace treaty:

Animated map of the western front:

Military maps of World War I:

"Trenches on the Web":

"Multimedia history of World War One":

Encyclopedia of World War One:

Biography of Woodrow Wilson:


Russian Revolutions

Brief Overview:

Russian Revolution links:

Communist Manifesto:

Encyclopedia of Marxism: