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Integrating Technology and Content: Tying It All Together

CEU Program offered for Culpeper, Virginia

Program Syllabus



Instructor: Dr. Cynthia Sparks

Adjunct Professor for Troy State University

Office hours: Available for appointments through telephone or e-mail

Contact info: Email:

Phone: 757.547.0153 ext. 199 (office); 757.421.7346 (home)

Dates: May 16--May 17, 2003

Meeting Time: 5:00-8:00 Friday, 8:00 to 3:30 Saturday



Description: An introduction to the integration of technology into content for the classroom teacher. Elements such as advanced searching, use of audio and video in presentation, and the research that supports the need for the elements delivered through the use of technology. The program integrates advanced presentation techniques, the Internet, and research based activities to provide ideas for use in instruction. Students will experience hands-on opportunities to use digital cameras, scanners, and computer software to create multimedia materials to use in their classrooms.


Program Objectives:




Evaluations and Grading


Throughout the duration of the program, students will receive instruction on the tools and principles of creating integrated lessons that address technology use in the classroom. Graphics, Internet activities, and materials created through digital cameras and scanners will be incorporated into a final lesson activity created by the teachers.


Supplementary Materials


  1. Access to the Internet.
  2. Access to presentation and graphics software:
    1. Microsoft PowerPoint
    2. Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements
    3. Microsoft Paint
  3. Access to peripheral devices such as scanners or digital cameras is recommended in order to be able to include images in design of final project.


Program Schedule





Session 1

        Introduction to integrated lessons:

        Brain Research and the Classroom

        Using the web: Guided Tours (Samplers), Scavenger Hunts, and WebQuests.

        Scanners and Digital Cameras

Try out the various peripherals demonstrated during class.

Begin to locate the elements you can use to create a multimedia lesson for your classroom

Session 2

        Using Advanced Searching techniques: Find want you want when you want it

        Multimedia: What is it?

        Elements: Where are they?

        Presentations: Video and Audio

        Tying It All Together


Begin to create a multimedia integrated lesson for use in your subject area


Americans With Disabilities Act: Any student whose disabilities fall within ADA must inform the instructor at the beginning of the term of any special needs or equipment necessary to accomplish the requirements for this program.