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Activities and Ideas


Creating Your First Internet Project:
    If you're like many teachers, you want to create your own Internet projects, but you don't know where or how to begin. So start here, where you'll find a non threatening look at the process from a classroom teacher's perspective.  Included are four different levels of Internet projects, complete with useful tips and tricks.

Daily Activities Online:
     Daily Fact Files - This Day In History - Word of the Day - Astronomy - Picture of the Day -Famous Birthdays - Event of the Day - Activity of the Day

Digital Learning Center:
    This book provides information and suggestions for projects designed to help you, and your students, use digital images and computers to inspire creativity and increase learning.

Funbrain Tutorial:
    This tutorial introduces funbrain and gives steps on registration so you may begin creating a class page of curriculum appropriate games and quizzes.

HyperStudio Tutorial:   HyperStudio Lessons and Ideas
    At this site you will find lots of ideas for active learning Hyperstudio projects in language arts, science, social studies and even enrichment.   Visit our Integrating Technology Workshop's External Link Section for even more tutorials on HyperStudio.

Integrating Technology into the Classroom Tips:
    Brand new computer lab, and all eyes — children's, parents', and administration's — are on you!  You're the one expected to bring this technology into the curriculum so it can produce all its promised wonders. Before you reach for the Maalox, read Tammy's tips for teachers in your position. She's "been there, done that" and if she's left out anything, chances are it can be found at one of the web sites she suggests visiting.

Managing Computers in the Classroom:
    This article discusses what Paula, a third-grade teacher, learned from working with computers in the classroom during the last two years. From her "bumpy beginnings," in which the computers sat untouched, to her success with electronic portfolios and on from there, Paula demonstrates a very hopeful outlook on how to manage a technology classroom.

Newsletter Subscription:  Education World:
    Education World is a search engine that bills itself as the Educator's Complete Resource Guide to the Internet. The founders wanted to create a home for educators on the Internet, a place where teachers could gather and share ideas. Education World's goal is to make it easy for educators to integrate the Internet into the classroom. With 95% of the nation's public schools expected to be online by the year 2000, the need for a complete online educational guide is evident. They have succeeded. Education World is one of my favorite sites. I suggest you subscribe to their weekly newsletter as well as some of the other lists they have available. Tutorial: allows teachers to create a quick class page. It is excellent for parent communication, spelling lists, etc. This tutorial walks you through the process of registration and showcases examples of how others have used this free service.

TrackStar PowerPoint:
    This PowerPoint introduces you to TrackStar and will help you create your own TrackStar track.  TrackStar creates an excellent hotlink site for you to use for yourself or your students. It helps  to create a safer searching environment for students. By searching tracks already created, you can get good ideas for integrating.  Be sure to view this PowerPoint in Internet Explorer.

Traveling Buddies...Linking Elementary Classrooms to the Internet:

    Find out how to kick off a Traveling Buddy project. Learn about Barney, Boswell, and Basil’s travels for elementary students.

Using Technology in the Elementary Classroom:
    Lots of great ideas

Web Sites for Kids:
          Web links for kids