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Final Steps in Web Design


Not a language

Simple protocol that can be used to communicate between web forms and your programs

Can be written in any programming language


Typical sequence

Read the userís form input

Do what you want with the data

Write the HTML response to the user



Guide to CGI

Thatís it!!!

Many scripts to choose from for free on the web

This is a standard (common) way of communicating (interface) between different processes (gateways)

Common Interface Gateway (CGI)


File Transfer Protocol

What you must know

The web address of your ftp server

The user login name

The user login password

Most web hosts will provide this information when you sign up for a space on the FTP server

What you need???

Some files to transfer

An FTP program

Free popular programs



Both available at

How do you do it???

Log in to your host

You must have an active Internet connection before beginning the transfer

Open you ftp program

On one side will be the location of the files you want to transfer

On the other side will be your web host files

Drag and Drop

Just drag the files you want to transfer


Identify the files you want to transfer and select Transfer from the menu

(Depends on which ftp program you use)

Your files are transferred

Go Live

Your site is live

Before you Go Live be sure

You have proofed your work

You have checked your links

You have everything in the same folder

You have all your references noted on your pages

So Letís Go

You have all the tools

You have a great deal of knowledge

I look forward to seeing your final web sites!

This page was updated on:  04/10/02