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Lesson Plan Template 

 In the header of the lesson plan list the computer application that will be used, the subject being taught, and the specific topic of the lesson.  In the footer of the document place your name and number the pages.

The following areas should be included in your lesson plan.

Title of Lesson Plan 

Lesson Summary 

Type the overview of your lesson plan here.  This is a brief statement of the purpose and topic of your lesson plan.

Objectives / SOL Correlation

Type your objectives) here.  List competencies, standards, and specific curriculum objectives of the lesson plan (different subjects will have different terms for the objectives in the curriculum).

Expected Student Outcomes

Type your expected outcomes.  How will the average student demonstrate mastery of the objectives of your lesson?  What indicators will let you know that students have learned the material under study?


Enter necessary vocabulary.  List the words that you must be sure that both you and your students share a common understanding/definition.

Materials Needed

List all necessary materials and access to equipment that you must have in order to accomplish your lesson.

Prerequisite Skills

Students should have some experience with the following:  This is a list of the skills, experiences, and knowledge that students must bring to the lesson.   So this is a list of skills that should be taught prior to the lesson.


Step by step instructions.  This is where you specifically list the method you will use to teach the objectives.


How will you evaluate?  Refer to your expected student outcomes.  A rubric is an excellent way to help both you and your students to define what good work looks like for grading purposes.  When you use a rubric you are more likely to obtain quality work products.

Extension Activities (Optional)

If there are additional activities that you want students to accomplish with parental support, list them here.  This would include homework projects, assignments, and activities.









This page was updated on:  04/10/02